ok… I was at a house party with some of my good friends, an acquaintance just popped-out from the middle of nowhere with an intriguing question, have you heard of Anthony Morrison? What do you think of him? Is he for real or solely fraud? I got alarmed and began to ask myself, what is going on in the globe? Am I still updated with what and who is “in” and “out” as fate enjoys playing “spin the bottle”?
I consulted one of man’s best friends ” Google” about the person’s popularity just to found out  some reviews, websites, video sites and writers say Anthony Morrison is “fake”, “a deceptive TV Guru”, “a huge scam artist”, “the master of work from home or making money online” and other says “the hidden millionaire”.
Who do you think he is? Is there a fair assessment of Anthony Morrison and his Advertising Profits from Home System? Let’s take a closer look, shall we? Some continuous infomercials about his scheme has already flooded the net and went viral, like some infectious plague that gradually affecting the mob’s rational thinking and judgment, and it is unconsciously killing other people’s life and future. By listening to him and not just hearing him out, you would say wow! How I wish I have that knowledge and wisdom or, how I wish I was him.
I have seen and heard him through some of his video infomercials, and they are quite powerful and convincing enough to make someone believe to take the chances of giving it a shot. The comments and testimonials of his followers seem to be so real, impressive and mind-blowing. Some articles are pro of him and his insights, while others are against his ruthless intentions, greed and wrong doings. His young age, firm body, good looking and gentle face speak a thousand shams that gave me and the rest of us something to ponder and consider a second thought.

Anthony Morrison Scam Is NOT Real

When you order Anthony Morrison’s Advertising Profits From Home System you receive a couple of bound booklets and a few DVDs. The information is basic, but informative is you have never been exposed to the concept of affiliate marketing or marketing online. You are exposed to…
 Importance of Having Proper Mindset
 Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
 Introduction to Paid Advertising Models
 Introdution to CPA (Cost Per Action) Marketing
 Intro to Google, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace, Twitter, & Facebook

Overall, pretty basic, bare-bones beginner stuff. No earth shattering “real money making secret” and nothing you couldn’t easily find online… absolutely free… with a little bit of research. But you certainly could not honestly say you were somehow cheated or scream Anthony Morrison scam with a good conscience. But then, within a couple day, the REAL money making secret revealed itself?

The telemarketing calls…It was a sales person from Anthony’s company who kept calling. And calling. And calling. What were they trying to sell? CPA marketing. And you need a few pre-built websites proven to convert. Why, the “missing information” of course. Because CPA is a tough market to crack because you are competing against true full-time, fully staffed internet marketing experts who have tens of thousands of dollars invested in software to TRACK BEGINNERS and literally copy any winning campaigns they happen to stumble upon.

Yeah. That’s right. Unless you really know what you are doing you can expect to spend hundreds, even thousands of dollars to test a dozen campaigns before you find a winner. Which is good. Once you’ve found a winner, done correctly, you can expect to scale up your marketing efforts and make thousands.
I was once told by some real great personas to be very careful whom to trust on the net. If you can have some help or something for free, it is an absolute blessing and that is the best thing in life. Although nothing is free nowadays. Maybe you can try to take the risk and discover it yourself, but caution is a must for this is a free world and each one of us are making use and are taking a huge advantage on this kind of freedom of the net.

How To Really Make Money Online

• If you are truly interested picking up a copy of the Advertising Profits From Home System – Buy it From Amazon!. That way you won’t be hounded by a telemarketer for the next month.
• Better, pick up a copy of TheDirty CPA right here, right now. It’s a bit more expensive but you will learn a whole LOT more and you’ll also learn about the hidden traps involved so you can avoid them going in.
• Best is to discover how to make money in affiliate marketing by learning how to drive FREE TRAFFIC to your offers versus risking your hard-earned money advertising.
You should also focus on promoting only those things that pay you a RESIDUAL INCOME – a monthly income per sale versus a one-time commission.

To Your Success,

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