Vemma Review – Learn The Undisclosed Truth Before Joining

Wondering if you should join Vemma? This Vemma review will give you the undisclosed truth about Vemma business opportunity. MLM business opportunities present themselves each day as companies resort to the use of network marketing to increase their sales. Vemma is one such company that uses network marketing to ensure that their products penetrate the market. If you are considering joining the company, you are probably interested in its review. However, finding a third party review like this one is a challenge because of the many Vemma scam reviews that are subjective.

The source of Vemma scam claims can be shocking. Most representatives, who were in the business with them and did not succeed, rush to conclude that the company is a scam. Is this the truth? Does it mean that everyone who fails to employ good efforts to ensure that they earn from a network marketing business will end up declaring the company a scam? Here is a closer look at Vemma.


What is Vemma?

Vemma is a network marketing company that is part of the health and wellness industry. Vemma came to life by the creators of another company called New Vision.  The Co-founders of the company are Karen Boreyko-Salmirs, Lauren Boreyko and BK Boreyko who is the President and CEO.  The main office of Vemma is located in Scottsdale, Arizona with a 25,000 square-foot distribution center.

Vemma Product Review

Vemma’s product line consists of juices and energy drinks that have many health benefits and includes antioxidants, vitamins and essential nutrients.  One of the key ingredients in the products is Mangosteen, which is known for its high level of antioxidants.  Vemma says that their products greatly improve the immune system along with providing a boost in overall health through its vitamin content.

Vemma Compensation Plan

Vemma operates in what we called a binary MLM compensation plan. This is a commonly mis-understood comp plan, especially if you are new to the industry. Essentially everyone can only have two distributors on their front line, one on the left and one on the right. Everyone else that you recruit needs to be positioned under your existing members.
This gets many team members excited, because they know that will have new recruits put under them in the organization as a result of their sponsor’s efforts. Also the possibility of ‘spillover commissions’ is often used by MLM marketers to ‘impress’ newbie’s in an effort to get them to join sooner rather than later.
Vemma Review of Training

There is not a lot of training offered by the company. Most distributors are directed to use the more traditional methods of building their business, talking to friends & family, prospecting their ‘warm market’ & holding meetings. Whilst these methods work well for some people, most do not have the influence and vast number of contacts in order to grow a significant team. It tends to the more mature and seasoned MLM marketers that have already established themselves in the industry and been successful that will benefit most from traditional methods.

Vemma Reviews of Why People Fail

The reason why many people fail with Vemma multilevel marketing is that they do not have a good game plan to follow in order for them to start generating leads. If you enroll into the Vemma network business, you will need to learn the CRITICAL concepts of traffic and lead generation, plus you must learn how to leverage SYSTEMS so that your team can duplicate your success and grow your business. If you are wanting to sponsor 20 or more new reps into your Vemma Business every month then you best get this EXCLUSIVE free Vemma training right now.


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